30 July, 2014

Something about Twitter

As I said I am working on maintaining updates on Twitter so any books I have been finding especially Free, I am tweeting the #Finds. Hope to add to this. Maybe even link both the Blog and Twitter together.9Figuring out the best way to do that.)

So definitely keep a watch there too!

29 July, 2014

Updating Me and the Blog

Not Gone, Really I am not!

I am slowing working my way back into restarting and refreshing this blog. Last year took a path I did not expect so my time was limited in every area. I only did what I had to do, which took up most of the day. So any time to myself was spent recovering from the long day I just lived through with the knowledge that tomorrow will be more of the same.

I did create a Twitter account which I am trying to keep updated. Here is the Link Twitter I am also on GoodReads which I am learning and still not that good at it. I know there are buttons, gadgets, do-dads :) but for now I will just post the link in here.

There will be slight changes and in my dreams maybe a new design. I did find a place that will redesign a blog for free, I am just unsure if I am brave enough to do that. Plus I do like designing this place, just not skilled enough on how to get what I want. My CSS coding is not that good! (Basically non-existent!)

On the book front my reading time suffered too, so all the planned reviews are still just that, thoughts in my heads or books waiting to be read/finished. I have been encouraged that there seems to be a few more writers and books available. Though not as much as needs to be or ought to be!

Mentioning my Dreams I do want this to be a Haven for writers and fans of Inspirational/Christian IR?MC stories can be celebrated and shared.

Please help me in this purpose.

21 January, 2013


Today we honor a man who's life sowed a seed that this current generation is reaping. All people have others who set the stones for those who follow and I wanted to speak on the man who set the pathway for this to even happen.

Charles W. Chesnutt.

I first found out about him when he was honored with a US Stamp.
I had never heard of him so I immediately went to the internet to search for him. I was truly surprised that his name is so infrequently spoken. A novelist, early member of the NAACP, lawyer, and political activist.

I was even more surprised by an essay he wrote in 1905 for the The Crisis; "Race Prejudice, Its Causes and Its Cure"
 And now to close, may I venture a prophecy? There are many who see the world through smoked glasses, and who view this problem of race solely from the pessimistic point of view, I think for my own part that it is in a healthy process of solution, which by sticking closely to correct principles and by acting upon them when the opportunity offers, we can help to further. Looking down the vista of time I see an epoch in our nation's history, not in my time or yours, but in the not distant future, when there shall be in the United States but one people, moulded by the same culture, swayed by the same patriotic ideals, holding their citizenship in such high esteem that for another to share it is of itself to entitle him to fraternal regard; when men will be esteemed and honored for their character and talents. When hand in hand and heart with heart all the people of this nation will join to preserve to all and to each of them for all future time that ideal of human liberty which the fathers of the republic set out in the declaration of independence, which declared that all men are created equal, the ideal for which Garrison and Phillips and Sumner lived and worked; the ideal for which Lincoln died, the ideal embodied in the words of the Book which the slave mother learned by stealth to read, with slow-moving finger and faltering speech, and which I fear that some of us have forgotten to read at all-the Book which declares that "God is so respector of persons, and that of one blood hath he made all the nations of the earth."
 You will notice that those words are quite familiar. How and when they reached MLK are not known but their impact on him is obvious. Even though Chesnutt is lesser known his hope, prophecy and words gave birth to a Dream.

Here are a few places to learn further about him: Wikipedia, Chesnutt Archive.

14 January, 2013

Reader Alert!

One of the first IR books I had seen advertised in general Christian book retailing is this book:

Zora and Nick
I saw for today it is FREE for Kindle!!!! So if you have wanted to read this book this is the time.

Tell me what you, think. I will later since this will be my first time reading it too.

Mini note: Love Simplified is also on sale at Amazon.

24 December, 2012

Just Wanted to Say....

Pray that everyone has a Blessed Christmas and the New Year is Full of His Love!

12 September, 2012

Reader's Alert!

I just saw Veil of Pearls was released in July. Even better at Amazon the ebook edition is on sale for $1.99

Firethorn (ebook) is also on sale for $3.99.

While searching I came across Terri J. Haynes' blog, I was brought there my the mention of her book: Love Simplified

Love Simplified
Tempest Day is an expert on helping others find love through her Connection Parties matchmaking service and the methods outlined in her bestselling book, Love Simplified. She’s one step away from becoming a celebrity matchmaker, the pinnacle of her career dreams.

But when a seemingly simple interview on the nation’s most popular daytime television show takes an ugly turn, Tempest is forced to admit a secret she’s carried for years: She’s never been in love. The fallout is immediate and severe. So severe that the only way to fix the damage is to use her own methods on a reality TV show.

Tempest soon discovers that love is anything but simple. The show and its cranky but handsome associate producer, Lance Moretti, challenges all that Tempest thought she knew about relationships, even her relationship with God. What starts as a desperate attempt to repair her reputation turns into Tempest’s biggest love connection ever.

Sounds really good and definitely fits the description of this blog. So now I have done my job of making your Shopping Carts and To Be Read piles bigger! :)

Before I go Reminder if you know of any books that are IR/MC and Christian/Inspirational please leave a message. I am trying to help readers and writers who want these stories to find each other!

20 August, 2012

Looking for....

Writers, Bloggers, and Reader. You!

First, I want to know if anyone is out there... Hello...(echoes,crickets)

Second, I am wondering if you want to contribute?
Know a good book, review, or article?

Lastly, I need some help!
I am learning as I go but a little guidance/input is aprecciated and wanted!