30 July, 2014

Something about Twitter

As I said I am working on maintaining updates on Twitter so any books I have been finding especially Free, I am tweeting the #Finds. Hope to add to this. Maybe even link both the Blog and Twitter together.9Figuring out the best way to do that.)

So definitely keep a watch there too!

29 July, 2014

Updating Me and the Blog

Not Gone, Really I am not!

I am slowing working my way back into restarting and refreshing this blog. Last year took a path I did not expect so my time was limited in every area. I only did what I had to do, which took up most of the day. So any time to myself was spent recovering from the long day I just lived through with the knowledge that tomorrow will be more of the same.

I did create a Twitter account which I am trying to keep updated. Here is the Link Twitter I am also on GoodReads which I am learning and still not that good at it. I know there are buttons, gadgets, do-dads :) but for now I will just post the link in here.

There will be slight changes and in my dreams maybe a new design. I did find a place that will redesign a blog for free, I am just unsure if I am brave enough to do that. Plus I do like designing this place, just not skilled enough on how to get what I want. My CSS coding is not that good! (Basically non-existent!)

On the book front my reading time suffered too, so all the planned reviews are still just that, thoughts in my heads or books waiting to be read/finished. I have been encouraged that there seems to be a few more writers and books available. Though not as much as needs to be or ought to be!

Mentioning my Dreams I do want this to be a Haven for writers and fans of Inspirational/Christian IR?MC stories can be celebrated and shared.

Please help me in this purpose.