31 December, 2011

As always...

I was searching my favorite phrase and came across a post about a woman who was dating a man of another "race". The comment that struck out to me is this
"Race is a social construct derived mainly from perceptions conditioned by events of recorded history, and it has no basic biological reality"
I never had thought of it exactly like that but that led me in another thought pattern, race as used by most people is no different than the caste system. Another way to control who gets what and who is in control = = =  POWER.

It is so sad because as Christians we are given authority and the ability to carry out the work He is doing in us. We are powerful even when we don't feel like it(like me right now). When sin stripped us we lost our identity, we have been trying since then to get that back my making our own. Which of course never works only creates the urgency to get control any way we can. Hence we use force but even more subtle we use conditioning to gain what we want. Power.

I never saw the connection of the 2 so clearly race=power. Amazing how that force drives us to do such heinous acts especially in the Name of Christ. Yet if we are truly in Him we have His, just like the first man. How silly to lose something we already had.

I hope this makes sense. I came immediately here when these thoughts came and I just went with the flow!

I do hope anyone reading this or any other post will leave a message. I hope I am not just typing for me!

Hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and will have New Year full of His Grace and Favor!