20 August, 2012

Looking for....

Writers, Bloggers, and Reader. You!

First, I want to know if anyone is out there... Hello...(echoes,crickets)

Second, I am wondering if you want to contribute?
Know a good book, review, or article?

Lastly, I need some help!
I am learning as I go but a little guidance/input is aprecciated and wanted!

13 August, 2012

Mini Reader Alert!

One of the books I mentioned I am reading right now is FREE at Amazon.com
Here is the info:

Cooking the Books

Another book that is Free, with a female charater who has a Multi Cultural background is Truimph of Grace
Third in the Grace Series


Hope you can pick up one of these. If you do, leave a note!

Still Here...

... Hope you are!

Sorry for the long time posting. I don't have a major reason just small things, and many Time Stealers.  In the time away, in between dealing with "my world", I started 2 books. Have no idea when I will finish either. Hope soon.

Here is a very general ideas of what they are about ---
Romantic Suspense, with lots of doses of humor. Both female protagonists have dry wit. Which helps one deal with death and the other life after prison.

Where I am at in the stories one has just entered into a relationship with a man of Greek heritage. Very different from her life, and the first time she has dating someone not of her "culture". I am wondering if he is really a good guy since she was warned that his kind are no good! Not, because of their relationship being interracial just from a older gentleman knowing her boyfriend's family.

In the other story the female really isn't ready for a relationship, except the one she has with Jesus. Being a Christian is new for her, just like living her faith away from her old, dangerous life. I am assuming though that the lawyer who prosecuted her will be adding to her complications. (smile)

I will be giving further updates....

Serial Games,  OK, I finished that book a while ago. Just haven't Reviewed it, yet. See I am stuck. My review history is based on a few papers for school. Plus a few food products, Cranberry Stuffed chicken, anyone?

I read many reviews,especially now, and amazed how many people are quite good in expressing in a succinct way a whole book. I am not sure I can do that. I am working on being a Good Blogger who posts consistently.

So what do you think makes a Great Review? What things do I focus on, and what helps you determine if this something you want to read? 

Any help is appreciated!