31 December, 2011

As always...

I was searching my favorite phrase and came across a post about a woman who was dating a man of another "race". The comment that struck out to me is this
"Race is a social construct derived mainly from perceptions conditioned by events of recorded history, and it has no basic biological reality"
I never had thought of it exactly like that but that led me in another thought pattern, race as used by most people is no different than the caste system. Another way to control who gets what and who is in control = = =  POWER.

It is so sad because as Christians we are given authority and the ability to carry out the work He is doing in us. We are powerful even when we don't feel like it(like me right now). When sin stripped us we lost our identity, we have been trying since then to get that back my making our own. Which of course never works only creates the urgency to get control any way we can. Hence we use force but even more subtle we use conditioning to gain what we want. Power.

I never saw the connection of the 2 so clearly race=power. Amazing how that force drives us to do such heinous acts especially in the Name of Christ. Yet if we are truly in Him we have His, just like the first man. How silly to lose something we already had.

I hope this makes sense. I came immediately here when these thoughts came and I just went with the flow!

I do hope anyone reading this or any other post will leave a message. I hope I am not just typing for me!

Hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and will have New Year full of His Grace and Favor!

25 November, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

I juust received a email from M.L. Tyndall with an update about her new book:

20 November, 2011

Am I the Only One?

As I talked about before I do regular searches for the topic of Christian Interracial Fiction. I was surprised when I first did this search to end up mainly on sites that are erotic/romantica. That was the first time I had ever seen that type of fiction. I was curious to found out why the searches lead me to these "finds". Well, I got quite an education!

The Education:  
  1. Most IR have to be erotic/romantica. I don't know but I get the feeling if it doesn't contain sex, and very detailed, that relationship isn't explored.
  3. My reason for the search really was left unanswered. Even sadder is that was a few years ago and I still see a drought in the category. 

I do not understand with all the categories of Christian fiction being explored more and the request for "edgy" CF that this topic is basically empty.

What do we do? How can these stories be encouraged? Where are all the readers who do want these stories but are normally given the erotic versions? Where are the writers who feel lead to express this other angle of love from a Christ view?

I know there are others who think this too. So lets meet and share our opinions.

07 November, 2011

Random --- Mixed

I often do searches for the topic of Christian Interracial fiction and mostly the same answers are given.

Just yesterday I did the search on Yahoo's search engine. The first page gave me the answers I expect, the second page was the most interesting. It told me it had included "Mixed" into the category.

Wow! How persumptions on their part. I think I might have overlooked this idea if the results had actually given me the correct answers instead of Mixed box lots and Mixed dinnerware!

27 October, 2011


As you can see this a WIP blog. I am new at this, very brand new. So I am learning as I go. Most of the time everything works fine then comes the not so fine...

Recently I added the banner and reworked my "About" page. Something about all this is upsetting the blog. So my nice simple blurb on myself is blank on the actual page. Except it shows on the previews.

Today I came to fine the banner is missing! I had tried to change the code earlier but when problems arose I got rid of the Changed blog and re-upped the old one. No change! Well, worse it appears.

So if anyone can offer some help, I will take it! Praying for it!

I know, again I am a little OT. Forgive, please!

14 October, 2011

Call me Goody 2 Shoes!

I have to admit I am very tired of that comment, Just the same to me as actors frequently saying "Playing bad characters is just more fun."

Now I am not saying that sometimes the Bad character isn't fun. I have seen and enjoyed many characters that worked that side. Yet in the End they are jailed, revealed and sometimes die! Point is the bad only last for a time---which I thought is the point!

12 October, 2011

Listing my ideas....

... these books are a few examples :
  • Claudia Mair Burney Zora and Nicky 
  •  Patricia Haley Blind Faith
  •  Michelle Stimpson Boaz Brown 
  •  Linda Leigh Hargrove The Making of Isaac Hunt
  • Jacquelin Thomas Shades of Gray
I also noticed this series written by Marilynn Griffith Shades of Styles Which focuses on four women of different backgrounds. I am not sure if any of the romantic relationships are about blending but they did look interesting.

    11 October, 2011

    Move over Mr. Webster!

    No offense to Noah, I just wanted to be clear on my meanings and what the purpose of this blog. So here is my attempt---


    Interracial- characters who become involve are from Caucasian and African American backgrounds.

    Multicultural- characters who become involve might contain one of the above with someone from a completely different background; or chracters from any other different backgrounds involved.

    What will set these books further apart is that they are Inspiritional/Christian. Stories with people who have a center and core based in faith. Who's actions are always coming from that base. They are just living their lives based on what is in their hearts ----Authenic,

    They can be redemptative, or evangelical though not limited to those stories. Actually just good stories and characters who lives you want to read about!

    What does any one else think? Good defintions? Need to add something?

    14 September, 2011


    I am just posting this in case someone passes by and wonders what is this?

    This is the haven for Shaded, a place for Inspirational/Christian, MultiCutural/Interracial books. A place to share the love of stories who inspire not only in content but characters who embrace their heritages, whatever they be.

    Hope to find others who feel the same way and want to talk!