11 October, 2011

Move over Mr. Webster!

No offense to Noah, I just wanted to be clear on my meanings and what the purpose of this blog. So here is my attempt---


Interracial- characters who become involve are from Caucasian and African American backgrounds.

Multicultural- characters who become involve might contain one of the above with someone from a completely different background; or chracters from any other different backgrounds involved.

What will set these books further apart is that they are Inspiritional/Christian. Stories with people who have a center and core based in faith. Who's actions are always coming from that base. They are just living their lives based on what is in their hearts ----Authenic,

They can be redemptative, or evangelical though not limited to those stories. Actually just good stories and characters who lives you want to read about!

What does any one else think? Good defintions? Need to add something?