14 October, 2011

Call me Goody 2 Shoes!

I have to admit I am very tired of that comment, Just the same to me as actors frequently saying "Playing bad characters is just more fun."

Now I am not saying that sometimes the Bad character isn't fun. I have seen and enjoyed many characters that worked that side. Yet in the End they are jailed, revealed and sometimes die! Point is the bad only last for a time---which I thought is the point!

Bringing this back to the title "the Goody 2 shoes" does go through Hell(yes,said it) but truimphs in the end. Again thought that was the point!  Agree that the Good character needs depth, them having a bad thought doesn't show depth,----shows they are human. To me the struggle to do the right thing when all Hell is coming against you is the story I like to see.

Which to me is the story of the woman who went around showing everyone her gift. She was poor, yet generous and caring and unbeknownest to her, those actions were being watched. She did the right thing beacuse it is right. So when 2 brand new shoes where gfted to her, she proudly showed them off.

P.S. Wonder what this has to do with this blog? Well I was doing a search for Christian Interracial and came across a Blog asking Was it time for Christian Fiction to die? In some of the response about Christian fiction I saw the words trite, naive and idealistic. Made me think, and valid points were raised,some of which I agree. Reading a few more comments I saw those words which for me are a Red flag before the Bull.

I want to be good, not boring; authenic but good. God is good! That is proclaimed many times in the Psalms. So being made in His image isn't it natural to want to have that same proclamation about myself. I want to be good. So call me a Goody 2 shoes!