28 April, 2012

Never the Core.

Those words repeated in my mind as I read this article first posted on Tori's blog. Sizzle, Sizzle, Fizzle, Fizzle. Her focus was to question if she needs/can "cross over".

My response is found here (will need to scroll down).

The thing that bothered me the most was the fact this question even has to be asked! Made me wonder -----
  • Why Christians do this?
  • Why not write(Create)?
  • Why is this always on things that never fits the imaginary "Core"? (Who created that any way?)

The article confirmed the limited view Christian Publisher's take. How they really Do Not know their readers.(One area Men do not count!) I know there are many readers who want books that reflect the world in all it's "Coat-of-Many" colors.

That is something I have always loved about the Lord. The very fact that all creation is diverse. Wolves to chihuahuas, Baby's breathe to Roses. Each distinct, unique and beautiful yet all Crafted by God.

If you read my response you will see until some years ago the lack of these types of stories never even occurred to me. I, who have a wonderful story of how the Lord brought together my parents! It wasn't until I was looking for something else did I see the BLARING fact there are No or very Few Christian IR/MC books.

So I do not believe this is necessarily intentional maybe the "thought" hasn't come to some. Yet part of me still sees a blinders mode to Christian Publishers. I know there are the writers and stories out there. Why are they being pushed aside? I mean is there really an overwheleming cry for Titanic stories? 

 I did see one encouragement:

Thomas Nelson senior V-P  and publisher Allen Arnold says the biggest change he’s seen in the past year is the growing desire for fresh voices. "Readers are less hungry to read the 14th novel from an author or a cookie-cutter series in a proven genre than [they are for] unexpected, fresh stories from a new breed of Christian fiction authors who are rising up," he says.

Fresh Voices = Opportunity.

So please Christian writers who have this on their heart do not give up! Please keep knocking on the door of Christian Publishers. There is an audience who shares your passion and desire as well as need  your Voice!.
Christian Publishers need to be aware Reader's are not 1 dimensional. We can multi-task, listen to oppossing voies, and have many interest --- some of mine range from Cross Stitch, Astronomy, Swords, Precious Moments, Gardening, and Computer Programming. See I am not easily defined! Neither is anyone else. Can we now move past these "lines"? Beyond the Core?