20 February, 2012


I am a little behind on my posting, as you can notice, if you have been here before; the blog has a new look. It is finally feeling the way I want it too. So I hope it will feel right to you too.

I am trying to set a time for myself instead of just writing spur of the moment-- though I know that will happen( I have a lot of ideas twirling in  my head.) I have also been visiting many blogs to get further ideas on what and how's on blogging.

My tendecy is to be shy so this is a big step for me. I hope I can be informative, funny and a lamp in this. I have noticed in other blogs how easy and conversational their post are. Something I do want to imitate without losing my voice.

My voice- I am learning as I am typing. I do have one with strong opinions, hopefully insightful and thoughtful.

I am Quite Pleased to mention that I have my First Comment left by K. Victoria Chase form Tori's blog. She is a writer and will have her first book out in March. I am saving my money to buy it because it really sounds good and so fits the theme of this blog!