31 March, 2012

Welcome April!

You are probably thinking this is about April Showers and May Flowers. Nope! This about me starting Anew... again...

I disappointed myself! As you can see I did not post as often as I planned to. Even sadder with all the thoughts percolating in me. <<head shake>>

All of this is new to me, not just the blogging --- me putting myself out here. By nature I am introverted (fancy). So that easy flow I see of others is not natural for me. Another proof all of this is inspired!'

I also tend to be overcritical of myself too. (Great combo, huh?) Meaning I critique each line, word, period or comma that is typed. Can never believe how many times I began a sentence to then erase it all with the Backspace. <<another head shake>>

Not doing as I said has been weighing on me. I always want to keep my word, if only to me. So not keeping up like I said created a dread feeling and me falling further behind.

Contemplating what to do, the phrase "Turning over a new Leaf" came to me. Those words formed a new concept as one month slips into the next.

Begin again and again if necessary. The book hasn't ran out of pages!
Take this new month as an opportunity to accomplish my goal. Don't get bogged down with the List of ought to, or didn't finish. Instead start a new leaf.

This idiom is recorded as early as 1500, probably from the fact book binding and paper as individual "leafs" were becoming common. Reminds us to think of time as precious as paper while offering a new chance for everyone to change.

Wonder if Jesus telling the disciples to shake the dust off is the same thing? To leave the cares, disappointments, failure and ought to's, behind. Not accepted at one town, don't lose focus. Look up, go ahead, another place is waiting for you.

Sounds really good! All I have to do is live it. Take these words as a challenge and a Comfort to continue and turn the Page.